Welcome to the AppCoins VIP Program!

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2 min readSep 20, 2022

Welcome to the AppCoins VIP Program!

Our goal with this program is to show our appreciation to members of the AppCoins community that have been with us for so long and have provided us with such love and support. Now we would like to make your experience in the AppCoins universe an even better one!

In order to do so, we created an exclusive VIP Program specifically reserved for level 9 and 10 users of the AppCoins Wallet. If you belong to one of the highest levels in the wallet, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the benefits listed below.

Get Your Goodies

Are you a huge fan of the gaming universe? What a coincidence — so are we! That’s why we’re always looking for the latest Lords Mobile merch! (Yes, LM is ONE of our favorites). And nothing would make us happier than to share our love for the latest customized keyboard and hero figures with you. Since we believe any day is a good day to spoil our VIPs — your new favorite coffee mug might be just an address away. We can ship to your home, workplace, or wherever you prefer! Just let us know!

Special Bonuses

On top of the already existing perks you can find in your wallet, our VIP Program members also get access to exclusive bonuses related to their favorite games.

Customized Support

We want our VIP customers to experience a VIP service, which means an exclusive support person available just for you.

We wanted to ensure you always have someone dedicated entirely to you whenever you need it! Talking to our Support Team has never been easier and more familiar. We are only a message away!

Become a VIP member and sit tight while our team works to bring many perks to you.

And we are just getting started! Our main goal is to provide you with the best experience possible. Your feedback will be key in helping us build the perfect VIP Program. So let’s do it together!

Happy gaming,

The AppCoins Team



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