[Updated] Token Allocation and Bootstrap Activities

Note: this post has been updated on 22–8–2018 with the final wallet addresses, as the transfer operations from the Token issuer will take place soon.

For a good governance of the AppCoins protocol, transparency is a key value. We have been working on this blog post, regarding token allocation and the bootstrap initiatives that will start in June 2018, in order to try to make these two topics simple for everyone. Read below to learn more.

After the ICO, all unsold tokens were burned in order to preserve the value of the token itself. This includes a proportional percentage of the tokens allocated to the Foundation, Aptoide, Bootstrap, ICO advisors and Team. Therefore, the current total token supply is 246 203 093. The current circulating supply is 100,054,312, divided in 98,481,237 of sold APPC tokens and 1,573,075 of tokens attributed to advisors after the ICO.

You can check this in Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x1a7a8bd9106f2b8d977e08582dc7d24c723ab0db

Token Allocation

The overall allocation percentages continue to be the same as stated in the beginning of the ICO, as displayed below. These percentages can also be consulted on our white paper, starting on the 33rd page. 40% of the total amount of tokens correspond to the current circulating supply and the remaining 60% are locked for future development and promotion activities regarding the protocol.

You can check this in Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x1a7a8bd9106f2b8d977e08582dc7d24c723ab0db?a=0x71e7c73375efbefdf7b4be67e768d9038dde2488

The locked tokens will be released following the structure presented on the whitepaper. For each set of locked tokens, a wallet will be created so that the stated amount of tokens can be transferred from the multisig wallet. This way, each wallet will have the tokens allocated to a specific goal, making it easier to manage the yearly release.

  • Sale (Pre-Sale + Public Sale) — 40% (98,481,237 APPC)
  • App Store Foundation — 15% (36,930,464 APPC)
  • Bootstrap Activities — 20% (49,240,619 APPC)
  • Key Contributors & Team — 10% (24,620,309 APPC)
  • Aptoide — 15% (36,930,464 APPC)
Total Token Allocation

Pre-Sale and Sale Tokens: 40%

  • 98,481,237 APPC

Since this project was built to think about the mobile app users and to fulfill the market needs, the Circulating token supply accounts for a total of 40% of the total tokens. We allocated this percentage of the tokens to the community ecosystem and future product users. This distribution was made not only with the app users in mind, but to everyone who is interested in testing and being part of the revolutionising new app language that integrates the blockchain technology. This number includes all of the tokens that are currently traded on the exchanges and from tokenholders who acquired them during the ICO Pre Sale or Public Sale.

App Store Foundation (Operations): 15%

  • 36,930,464 APPC
  • Fund locked for 12 months
  • Date for start of release: December, 20, 2018
  • Wallet address: 0xE9268A93D47e80c18Baf801D9eaDE6257dbbbc09

The Foundation is a new entity created to assure the open governance of the AppCoins protocol. This entity will bring together a consortium of leaders and industry experts within the app ecosystem to foster the collaboration between the several different parties that play a role in the mobile app economy. The tokens reserved for the ASF Operations, 15% of the total amount, will be used to support the inception and maintenance of this new entity as it takes control over the protocol and reference implementation.

Bootstrap initiatives: 20%

  • 49,240,619 APPC
  • Locked for 6 months, 4% of the total tokens will be released per year, during 5 years
  • Date for start of release: June, 20, 2018
  • Available funds Wallet address: 0x63aB690109eaC8e64298868D9c0D182408B70C6A
  • Locked funds Wallet address: 0x7E39470E4b2E09e513303B58b4aeC33d5241d5B1

Additionally, the tokens reserved for bootstrap activities, 20% of the total amount, will help to promote the App Store Foundation, increase the engagement between its members and other ecosystem players, and to speed up the adoption of AppCoins among app stores. These initiatives will help to leverage the protocol to users and developers, as well as to other key strategic entities for the scaling up of the ecosystem like OEMs, Governments or Telecom Operators, as stated below.

When the bootstrap starts, for transparency purposes, a public web page will be available with the list of the bootstrap transactions.

For Developers

AppCoin tokens will be attributed to developers in the bootstrap phase to encourage them to add their apps to app stores powering AppCoins. To promote the developers’ fast and wide adoption, AppCoin tokens will be attributed depending on the size of the developer and the interest for the ecosystem.


During the bootstrap phase, in order to get OEMs on-board and have them include app stores powering AppCoins.


Users earn AppCoins from ad triggered installs and for spending 2 minutes of their attention using installed apps. To speed up the adoption of the system during the bootstrap phase, tokens will be distributed through Air Drop and other mechanisms. The token dissemination will be gradual and always with the focus of bringing new users to the ecosystem.

Bootstrap Token Distribution

Key Contributors & team: 10%

  • 24,620,309 APPC
  • The key advisors tokens were released after the ICO (1,573,075 APPC)
  • The team fund is locked for 12 months (23,047,235 APPC)
  • Starting to be released: December 2018
  • Wallet address: 0x304b9e5a10c2480b20167bca5cf4e988a5b7b645

Key Contributors tokens, accounting for 10% of the total amount, are partly allocated to the team who participated in the ICO and is now developing the platform, and partly given to blockchain mentors and influencers. This includes advisors and contributors to the ICO definition and development and those which provided guidance and multidisciplinary expertise for the success of our ICO.

Aptoide: 15%

  • 36,930,464 APPC
  • Locked for 6 months, 5% of the total tokens will be released per year, during 3 years
  • Starting to be released: June 2018
  • Wallet address: 0xC6b04973fe77899D5B917d660a42a431C871e3B5

Aptoide tokens, 15% of the total amount, are allocated to support the adoption of the protocol by Aptoide and it’s partners. This includes staff, research and development, technologies and equipment, software and additional resources that the team needs for operations to integrate the AppCoins in the different flows of the Aptoide App Store, which is used by more than 200 million yearly active users.

The first ICO serving 200 million users to create a trusted economy without intermediaries. Supported by Aptoide App Store. Learn more: https://appcoins.io/