Ritchie Release — AppCoins Rollout on Aptoide App Store!

What We Have Accomplished So Far

  • A Blockchain layer, with smart contracts containing the logic needed to store the data in the Blockchain, which can be used later for validation by developers, or by anyone interested.
  • A product layer composed of artifacts that interact with the Blockchain layer and abstract that logic to developers and users. They can still go directly to the Blockchain to validate the data stored there, but we understand that this isn’t a simple process. Hence, we provide these components to ease the creation of an ecosystem that has as its fuel the AppCoins token.
  • The aforementioned artifacts are an Android SDK, a Unity plugin, and a wallet. The Android SDK and the Unity plugin enable developers to easily integrate the AppCoins Protocol Billing System and User Acquisition System in their apps, which can be directly distributed by any app store that integrates the protocol. The wallet serves for two main purposes: store, receive, and send ERC20 tokens, and interact directly with the SDK and Unity plugin to store and retrieve data from the Blockchain to be used by them inside the apps.
Payment for in-app items in the AppCoins Wallet

Ritchie Release: Chattering Adoption Friction

  1. In-App Purchases (IAP) and the BDS Billing System that supports them
  2. Enabling payments using credit cards with Blockchain validation through the AppCoins Wallet
  3. Rolling out the AppCoins Protocol to Aptoide’s entire user base

The BDS Billing System

BDS Billing System Backoffice — Campaigns Dashboard

Credit Card Payments with Off-chain Payments Notarisation

Paying with credit card for in-app items using the AppCoins Wallet
  • Users have to buy ETH (or BTC) with fiat currency in exchanges like Coinbase or Kraken. This can take several days in some cases.
  • Then they need to send the ETH to an exchange like Binance that a trades ETH for APPC.
  • Lastly, users need to send APPC and ETH to their Ethereum wallet address. This wallet address should be the one their using in the AppCoins Wallet.

Aptoide Rolling Out The AppCoins Protocol

AppCoins highlight in Aptoide App Store Homepage

If a disrupting technology works the same way for the end-user as existing solutions do, the adoption rate can be greatly increased.



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