Pre-Sale Whitelist for AppCoins is Open Until Nov 6th

The last few years have seen an increasing amount of innovation in technology, ICOs and ideas. A few years ago, the space was simple, and there were only a handful of projects breaking ground and changing the way we see the world. Today, there are new projects popping out everyday with new, innovative ideas, and all of a sudden the challenge is to cut through the noise.

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After carefully studying previous ICOs and different token sale models, one of our goals is to protect the interests of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and, most importantly, the interests of our community and of everyone who invests in AppCoins. We therefore decided to conduct our Token Sale in two different stages:

  1. Crowdsale: The Crowdsale stage starts after the pre-sale closes on November 20th and will last for one month, or until we reach the max hard cap (whichever comes first).

Our Pre-Sale Whitelist comes with a 30% discount and it’s open to five groups of people who are eligible and will have exclusive access.

  1. Android Developers registered either on Aptoide App Store or on Google Play. Your profile will be validated through the email you’re registered on the platform. Find out more about becoming an Aptoide Certified Publisher here.​
  2. Device manufacturers registered in the Aptoide Partners Program.They will also enjoy a 30% discount on the final pre-sale price. These are Aptoide Users, App Developers, Device Manufacturers and Strategic Investors.
  3. Strategic Investors
    Investors with a track record in Blockchain, ICOs and supporting cryptocurrency projects are encouraged to apply to our special conditions. For more information, contact us at
  4. WebSummit Attendees
    WebSummit attendees will get an exclusive chance to participate on the AppCoins pre-sale, with a 30% discount on tokens. Interested attendees should sign up for WebSummit Exclusive Perks here to receive the AppCoins pre-sale promo to be inserted in the validation process below.

Only 20% of the tokens will be available on the pre-sale. That means that only 84.000 tokens are available for whitelisted people to buy, and we expect these to fly out fast. Each of these tokens is going to have a 30% discount on their initial value. The only way to get access to the pre-sale whitelist is to fulfil one of the conditions above.

Token Pre-Sale Information

Together we can make this market more transparent, secure and effective. Development of this exciting new technology will take time, sweat — probably tears, too — and effort, but we are dedicated to making our vision a reality.

Head to our whitelist page now to register for our pre-sale.

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