One Store to launch the AppCoins version of Lords Mobile

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with one of the biggest app stores in the Asian market: ONE Store from Korea!

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in South Korea, ONE Store is an Android-based app store that enables users to download apps for the Korean market. With over 50 million active users, this cooperation is set to bring a whole new audience to the AppCoins ecosystem.

The Lords Mobile version which encompasses the AppCoins billing system, will be the first game to be launched within this partnership with ONE Store and then others will follow. This means that users who download this game from ONE Store will benefit from all the incredible advantages available in the AppCoins universe, including bonuses in all their purchases.

The pre-registration for the launch of the app has gathered around 205,000 subscriptions, and as for extra perks, new users who pre-registered and download the game via ONE Store will be able to take advantage of a USD 70 in-game voucher created by IGG themselves to welcome the new users onboard.

In addition, ONE Store users will be able to enjoy an unlimited 10% bonus in the form of AppCoins Credits in every in-app purchase they make. The earned AppCoins credits can then be used to make more in-app purchases inside the Lords Mobile game.



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