Meet Us in Asia and Europe: Upcoming Events

AppCoins presale ended this week with 1.8M raised within the Aptoide community, given that this initial phase was closed to crypto investors outside the Android ecosystem (a whitelisting process was mandatory) and Aptoide will be the first app store to adopt and support the protocol. Only 1% of the Aptoide user base regularly invests in cryptocurrencies, according to internal data that the app store has about user app download behavior (around 250K users out of 25M monthly active users). This small percentage of Aptoide user base that invests in cryptocurrencies and ICOs was nevertheless enough to nearly reach our crowdsale softcap, which gives us greater confidence on the potential of the project as we move closer to the main public sale of the ICO.

What are the next steps?

AppCoins Events per Country



Tiago Alves
Aptoide’s VP of Asia-Pacific

Nov 25th

Beyond Block Taipei 2017

Nov 26th

Interactive ICO Protocols — Making the Process Fair and Transparent a @MaiCoin event

Nov 28th

Taiwan Blockchain Summit 2017



Nov 28th

Event BlockChainSummit 2017

Booth: B10

Alvaro Pinto
Aptoide’s COO — will be speaking on “How can Blockchain help develop emerging markets?” on Room 2 at 12:30 PM.

Carolina Marçalo
Aptoide’s Head of Business Development/Partnerships



Nov 29th
ICO Event Amsterdam 2017

Paulo Trezentos
Aptoide’s CEO — will be speaking at the Conference Hall at 12:15.


Nov 29th and 30th

BlockShow Asia 2017

Tiago Alves
Aptoide’s VP of Asia-Pacific



Nov 30th

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference 2017

Alvaro Pinto
Aptoide’s COO — will be speaking at the Pitch Session at 11:00.

We’ve recently answered a lot of the main questions in our recent live Q&A, which covered not only the vision and token economics, but also went into some technical details as well, but as the crypto community gets to know the project through our whitepaper and crowdsale, a lot more questions keep popping up in our Telegram, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

If you can joins us at one of these events and get to know us in person. We’ll be glad to introduce you the project and all its details.

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