Live Q&A #2 with Dev Team: AppCoins Protocol Implementation Basics

TL;DR: Catch this live Q&A session with the Dev Team behind AppCoins on “ AppCoins Protocol Implementation Basics” this Tuesday, December 12th at 5PM UTC.

As the AppCoins community continues to grow, a lot of the same questions continue to appear from time to time. To better inform our community about the AppCoins project, we’ve decided to start a series of live Q&A sessions. After hosting the first Live Q&A session with Aptoide and AppCoins ICO co-founders Paulo Trezentos and Álvaro Pinto on the topic of “AppCoins Vision and Token Economics”, we’re now moving forward with a live Q&A session with our Developers team to update our growing community on the efforts and latest developments of AppCoins.

This live Q&A session will be conducted using the AppCoins Youtube Channel and is open to questions from the community members on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Save the date

Catch the live Q&A session this Tuesday, December 12th at 5PM UTC.

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