Live Q&A #1 with Founders: “AppCoins Vision and Token Economics”

TL;DR: Catch this live Q&A session with the founders on “AppCoins Vision and Token Economics” this Thursday, November 16th at 5PM UTC.

As AppCoins community continues to grow, a lot of the same questions continue to appear from time to time. To better inform our community about the AppCoins project, we’ve decided to start a series of live Q&A sessions. The first one will be with Aptoide and AppCoins ICO co-founders Paulo Trezentos and Álvaro Pinto on the topic of “AppCoins Vision and Token Economics”.

Essentially, this live Q&A session will cover all the basic aspects of the AppCoins vision for the app economy, while also covering some important issues relevant for investors, such as token appreciation and token utility.

This live Q&A session will be conducted using the AppCoins Youtube Channel and is open to questions from the community members on Reddit (a special AMA thread will be created), Telegram, Twitter, Facebook.

Save the date

Catch the live Q&A session this Thursday, November 16th at 5PM UTC.

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