How to build a team that shares the same company values

Aptoide was created in 2011 with a mission: to be a new and safe way for app users around the globe to find and discover new content. Since then, the company has created two new products — AppCoins and Catappult — and expanded its purpose: to unite app stores and developers, as well as help them reach millions of users from all over the world.

We are no longer two people with a great idea, but a team of nearly a hundred who strive to provide the best service to our public. To succeed, we need to be in their shoes, understand their pains, concerns and ambitions.

So, how do we set our values and build a team that carries the same vision in such a fast-growing environment?

Being a community-driven company, our biggest asset is our people. We want them to feel good about working with us, and that’s why our office focuses on creating a friendly environment.

HR practices play a big part in our working environment recipe, aiming to make our employees feel they are part of something meaningful. These practices include:

1. Hiring according to values

As a fast-paced business in an always-changing market, we look for people who share core values that are very important for Aptoide; such as the capacity to deal with change on a daily basis, strive to continue to learn, not being afraid to make mistakes and being ready to take risks.

2. Doors are always open, truly

Our team is always brainstorming ideas and exchanging knowledge with our C-Levels, VPs, and Team Leaders. We truly believe this is important for everyone to become more and more invested in our projects.

3. Places for everyone to get together

Be it our recently renovated kitchen or our lounge, all our offices are cozy and welcoming places where people can gather to talk about work — or anything else. We think it is important for people to get to know each other, even if they do not work together in the same project or product.

4. Monthly lunches

Every first Friday of the month, all the teams are reunited for lunch. Every month, the menu and restaurant is chosen by a different employee. This luncheon has already become a company tradition, where everyone has the chance to start the weekend with a friendly get-together. We believe creating bonds is a great part of the HR job!

5. Keeping in touch and sharing information

We believe everyone needs to be on the same page. This is why we have a weekly meeting with all the team's heads, where everyone has the chance to talk about new projects, latest developments and share important milestones.

6. Feedback is a must

Every three months, our teams defines new OKRs and feedback sessions. It is our way to keep track of everyone’s performance and, more importantly, how everyone feels about the last quarter. These frequent touchpoints are very important for us to deal with certain situations that could potentially become a problem, as well as keep a very close relationship with our employees.

In Aptoide, we have a very active HR team that is always ready to deal with people’s needs and keep the company moving forward and upward!




The first ICO serving 200 million users to create a trusted economy without intermediaries. Supported by Aptoide App Store. Learn more:

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AppCoins Official

The first ICO serving 200 million users to create a trusted economy without intermediaries. Supported by Aptoide App Store. Learn more:

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