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AppCoins Credits (APPC-C), also referred to as APPC Credits, are a virtual currency created by AppCoins that allows users — even the unbanked ones — to make online transactions, including in-app purchases (IAP).

Users can earn APPC-C without having or needing a bank card. To find out more about APPC-C, how to use and earn them, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below:

Why APPC Credits were created
How to earn APPC Credits
How to use APPC Credits
Are APPC Credits safe?
What does the future hold for APPC-C fans?

Why AppCoins Credits were created

AppCoins’ mission is to give more flexibility and access to its users, especially to users that do not own a bank card or have access to online payment methods.

As part of the plan, AppCoins Credits were designed to promote and enforce the circular economy. Credits cannot be cashed out or converted into FIAT, which means they never leave the ecosystem. This creates a win-win scenario for both users and developers.

How to earn AppCoins Credits

There are five ways in which you can earn AppCoins Credits:

1) User Incentive Programs
Our User Incentive Programs allow users to earn up to 20% bonus — in the form of AppCoins Credits — to spend and make further in-app-purchases. For every purchase a user makes, they are rewarded with a bonus. The amount of AppCoins Credits that the user receives depends on their in-app spending level.

Please Note: While we strive to keep our content up-to-date, the information in this article may have evolved since its publication. We recommend verifying details or exploring our latest articles in the FAQ’s section of the AppCoins Wallet for the most current insights.

2) Special AppCoins Promotions
We run frequent promotions where you can earn bonus AppCoins Credits (in addition to the bonus you already receive for your level) in specific games. You can find the details in the “promotions” tab of the AppCoins Wallet, or follow our Facebook and Twitter channels to find out which games are coming up!

3) Send AppCoins Credits
Users are able to send AppCoins Credits to anyone with an AppCoins Wallet. This feature was formerly known as “Peer-to-Peer Transfers.”

4) Top-Up
Users can top up their AppCoins Wallets using a PayPal account or a credit card. It’s that simple!

5) Ask Someone to Pay
Last, but not least, this payment method allows users to ask for funds by sharing a link with the person that will make the Top-Up. This is especially important for unbanked users; who can easily and safely ask their parents/adults for their favorite gaming items.

How to use AppCoins Credits

Inside the Aptoide app store, users can earn and spend their AppCoins Credits in the following bundles:

  • ‘Featured AppCoins Apps’ (Earn and Spend AppCoins Credits)
  • ‘Use your AppCoins’ (Spend your AppCoins Credits)

Are AppCoins Credits safe?

AppCoins Credits, as well as AppCoins, are on the blockchain; meaning every transaction can be tracked and is open for the public to see. Thanks to blockchain technology, AppCoins has been able to introduce three fundamental concepts: safety, transparency, and scalability.

AppCoins improve security, reliability, and scalability by using authentication frameworks, Merkle Tree-based structures, and Address Proxy Contracts.

What does the future hold for APPC-C fans?

Our team has been working non-stop to improve our product and bring new apps to our platform. For the latest information on the AppCoins Universe, check out our monthly AppCoins News Update (ANU).



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