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4 min readAug 8, 2018

With the upcoming Ritchie Release you will be able to test Advertising and IAP flows in the Aptoide App Store. To try out these flows, you’ll need to have AppCoins. In order to help those of you who have never purchased AppCoins before, and are conducting this type of process for the very first time, we have put together an easy and simple tutorial for you to follow. Check below.

Step 1: Buy ETH

Since you can’t purchase APPC directly from your bank account or credit card, you have to purchase Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) first, so that you are then able to exchange it for APPC in the exchanges. We will use ETH for this example: in order to buy ETH you can select any secure online platform where you can buy, sell and transfer this cryptocurrency, i.e. Coinbase, Cex, Kraken. For this example we will use Coinbase.

  1. Create an account in Coinbase.
  2. Go to the section “Trade” on Coinbase, and click on “Buy”.
  3. Select amount you wish to transfer and follow through with the payment.
  4. Select which cryptocurrency you want to buy and how much you want to buy. According to our example, you should select ETH. Leave the Coinbase tab open, as you will need it for the next step.

Step 2: Transfer ETH to an exchange with APPC

After purchasing ETH, you can finally proceed to the transfer of your credit to an exchange of your choice that lists APPC. At the moment, AppCoins is listed in five different exchanges, as previously mentioned: Binance, Huobi, Lykke, Kyber Network and HitBTC. We will use Binance for our example.

  1. Create an account on Binance.
  2. Go to “Wallet” in the navigation bar, and select the option “Balances”.
  3. Search for ETH and you will find three different clickable categories, choose the option “Deposit”.
  4. You will find the ETH Deposit Address, this is the address that you will use in Coinbase, in order to send ETH to Binance.
  5. Copy the address and go back to the Coinbase page to finish the transfer.
  6. Back on your Coinbase account, go to the “Accounts” section of the navigation tab. (as seen below)
  7. Below “ETH Wallet”, it should display a positive number. Click on the button “Send” right below your ETH credit.

8. On the section “Wallet Address” (as the image shows below) you only need to paste the wallet address you copied from Binance, and select the amount of ETH you want to transfer.

Step 3: Exchange ETH for APPC

Back to Binance, it usually takes only a few minutes until you are able to see the transferred ETH credit on your account. Go to the top navigation bar, select “Trade” and then “Balances”. You will see the positive balance on the Ethereum bar. After confirming that the transfer was successfully concluded, you can go back to Binance main page and search for APPC on the search query.

  1. Click on top of the APPC/ETH, and you will be directed to a page that displays the current price of APPC with its paired coin (ETH), and data from the latest transactions.
  2. Below the graphics from selling and buying transactions you will find a place to Buy and Sell APPC, as you can see on the table below.
  3. Decide the specific amount of AppCoins you want to purchase or select the percentage of your ETH balance that you want to spend on your purchase, from 25% to 100%.

4. After deciding the amount, you only need to click on “Buy APPC” and the process is complete! Soon you will be able to see your positive APPC Balance on Binance, or any other exchange that you have selected.

If you still find any difficulties on purchasing APPC after following this tutorial you can talk directly with the AppCoins team on Telegram.



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