Early Adopters Program Now Open!

AppCoins has entered a new stage regarding its development process, and is now opened to welcome early adopters that want to integrate the protocol!

During the last couple of weeks, we have begun to disclose some of the entities that have chosen to adopt the AppCoins Protocol. Among them, you can find well-known Developers, OEMs and App Stores. Each one brings different advantages and added value to the protocol. Read below for a quick summary on each one.

Bica Studios

Bica Studios has been on the market for 4 years and has been a member of the Aptoide Certified Publisher Program since 2015. This developer is best known for creating mobile games that can be used in all kind of entertainment mediums.The highly successful and addictive game, Smash Time, can be found on the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle in Aptoide Dev.

Marcelo Porto

Marcelo Porto has been on the market for 7 years and some of his games have overcome the 1 million downloads barrier across multiple stores, and have even received several awards. Bombastic, one of his most successful games yet, is already available to play on the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle.

FredBear Games

FredBear Games has been in the mobile game industry for over four years and is best known for a wide ranging portfolio of incredible games. Besides planning on releasing several games during 2018, they are currently planning partnerships with high profile soccer teams regarding the Super Crossbar Challenge smash hit game. Go to the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle to play this game.

Mobile Streams

This App Store has been a global retailer of mobile content since 1999, and is one of the first App Stores that will integrate the AppCoins Protocol. They have launched Mobilegaming stores in Latin America and India with direct carrier billing, and are currently exploring the possibility of utilising the blockchain protocol to deliver to their users a trusted environment with new purchasing possibilities, and to provide game developers with a transparent and efficient way to monetise their content.

NZT Studio

This developer is best known for delivering the best product possible and for developing games that are packed with creativity and a subtle sense of humor. Metal Commando, an extremely fun 2D mobile shooter, can be found in the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle in Aptoide Dev.

Infinity Games

Infinity Games has been on the market for 2 years, and since then, they have obtained over 50 Million Downloads across Android and iOS. Infinity Loop, a relaxing, zen and stress relief endless game, is already available on the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle.


Viango has been on the market for 1 year and is best known for creating simple and fun games that require earning points to unlock levels. Viango consists of a an extremely driven and motivated team, whose main focus is to listen to their users. Go to the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle to play Happy Blocks.


Multilaser is an OEM with over 27 years of experience in the Brazilian market. They are one of the largest players in Brazil when it comes to the electronics segment and national computer supplies. This OEM has always been attentive to the new technology trends and to the specific desires of the Brazilian consumers. Their well-known products that make everyday life more practical and enjoyable.

qixen-p design

Although they have been focusing on game-like experiences, in previous years, qixen-p design produced interactive installations, smart wearables and websites. They are currently working on a new adventure game, that they hope to release for mobile smart phones by the end of the year, in the meanwhile you can play the super smash hit Tallnum, a puzzle game about numbers and the different ways one can perceive them, on the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle.

Altitude Games

Altitude Games, is a fast-growing company that was founded in 2014, and contains over 30+ developers. With the goal of bringing the best Asian mobile games to the rest of the world, Altitude Games is best known for developing Dream Defense, an addictive action-shooter game that was part of Fall 2017’s Android Excellence collection.

Webcore Games

Webcore Games has been on the market for 18 years and is best known for developing their own original IP products, games, apps, AR and VR made for the following purposes: entertainment, advertising and education. At the moment they are working on a new VR title called TerraCodex for dedicated platforms (PSVR, Rift and HTC), and a new mobile game called Timo. Both will be released in the beginning of next year. The highly entertaining game Find Stuff, a game soon to be integrated with the AppCoins Protocol.

Cosmic Digital Universe

CDU is a leading content and digital service provider in the Philippines that offer comprehensive mobile solutions that cover mobile content sourcing and management, application development and porting as well as mobile billing. They aim to nurture mobile application development talents in the Philippines, and strive to extend help to content providers and application developers in distributing and monetizing their apps and games, through a more intuitive, efficient and engaging channel. Additionally, one of the members of CDU is the CPlay App Store, preloaded into Cherry Mobile’s Smartphones, the largest OEM in the Philippines, will be integrating the AppCoins protocol.

Digio TwentyOne Communications

This developer is best known for developing and experimenting with a variety of new game concepts. They achieved a significant milestone by launching 6 games in a span of 6 months including an app in 17 Global Languages. The TAKO games are designed for all age groups and were played in more than 200 countries/territories in the world. Localization of some more games along with the release of Augmented Reality and casual physics-based games are some of the activities planned for 2018.

The adoption of the AppCoins protocol brings many benefits to all parties that choose to integrate it. It provides app users with the opportunity to benefit from a universal payment method to make in-app purchases and brings Developers, OEM’s and App Stores greater advantages and added value. For instances, when it comes to developers, the open blockchain based protocol allows for a higher revenue share, the possibility to build a unique reputation based on the transactional history on the blockchain and the ability to have one single integration and one single APK that can be monetized across all AppCoins-enable app stores.

OEMs and App Stores, that choose to adopt the AppCoins Protocol will be able to monetize apps through blockchain, without the intermediation of payments, hence increasing the revenue share.

If you are a Developer, OEM or App Store and would like to adopt or learn more about the protocol, visit our website or send us an e-mail to partnerships@appcoins.io



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