Developer of the Day #7 — qixen-p design

Today we are introducing qixen-p design!

qixen-p design is above all a framework of collaborations, where each idea starts with an interactive concept with a deep intrinsic value for the player. As the idea matures a number of participants join in, and make it happen!

Even though most recently they have been focusing on game-like experiences, in previous years, qixen-p design produced interactive installations, smart wearables and websites. They are currently working on a new adventure game, that they hope to release for mobile smart phones by the end of the year.

Besides developing the puzzle game Shapist, qixen-p design studio decided to join forces with five renown artists from all around the world and is introducing a new puzzle game — Tallnum, a game soon to be integrated with the AppCoins Protocol.

Tallnum is a puzzle game about numbers and the different ways one can perceive them. Players are taught how to control a set of numbers through simple swipe interactions and are encouraged to experiment with various strategies.

You can play this game by going to the “Spend Your AppCoins” Bundle in Aptoide Dev.

If you want to learn more about qixen-p design visit their website and follow their facebook account.

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