Developer of the Day #10 — Digio TwentyOne Communications

Digio TwentyOne Communications has been on the market for more than one year, and is best known for developing and experimenting with a variety of new concepts like the TAKO game and Word Shooter, a “Wordcade” (combination of Word and Arcade game categories) game.

In 2017, Digio TwentyOne Communications achieved a significant milestone by launching 6 games in a span of 6 months including an app in 17 Global Languages. The TAKO games are designed for all age groups and were played in more than 200 countries/territories in the world. Localization of some more games along with the release of Augmented Reality and casual physics-based games are some of the activities planned for 2018.

The TAKO Game is based on the following concept — From a set of letter tiles, a letter tile or a set of tiles should be removed to create a valid word with the remaining tiles. “Word Mine”, a set of TAKO brain teasers will be soon integrated with the AppCoins Protocol. The goal of the game is to reveal the hidden answer by eliminating letter tiles from 2 or 3 words. In some puzzles, the knocked-off words should be rearranged to reveal the answer. The game is a blend of simple and challenging puzzles.

If you want to learn more about Digio TwentyOne Communications visit their website and follow their facebook and twitter account.

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