Beta Version of Aptoide-Dev with AppCoins support

As stated in the roadmap for the Q1 2018, we have released the first Beta version of Aptoide with AppCoins support. Aptoide team has released an AppCoins enabled bundle that gathers all of the apps that already have the integration of AppCoins. Aptoide users will find this bundle only on the Aptoide V8 BETA version of Aptoide App Store, that can be downloaded here. For now, only the Trivial Drive demo is allocated inside the bundle, as you can see in the image below. In the near future, other apps will be added to the bundle, as the integration will be done gradually.

Image 1 — Download of Aptoide-Dev APK, Image 2 — AppCoins Enabled bundle inside Aptoide-Dev, Image 3 — Download of the Trivial Drive demo

After downloading the demo — Trivial Drive ASF IAB Sample — you’ll need to have the ASF Wallet Alpha 2 installed on your phone. If you don’t have it already, you can find it on Google Play or Aptoide. The wallet will enable you to receive test APPC so that you can experiment how to make in-app purchases within the app. In case you already have the wallet installed, try to change the network to Ropsten and get your test APPC.

Image 1 — Official ASF Wallet Alpha 2, Image 2 — Collect the test APPC for the demo app

As you can see from the image above, as soon as you click on the “Next” button you will be redirected to the App Store Foundation website where you’ll be able to create and understand how to use your ERC20 compatible wallet.

At the end of this page, you will find the Trivial Drive Demo section along with the full explanation on how to pay with AppCoins. By selecting the Trivial Drive Demo app, you’ll see four different clickable categories, including the “Buy Gas” button, which you can select to test payments with AppCoins. Once you click on the “Buy Gas” button, the ASF Wallet will launch and will show you the product you’re buying and the total amount of AppCoins you’ll need to pay. Confirming this purchase will take you right back to Trivial Drive, only this time you’ll have a full tank of gas to use.

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