Aptoide Announces Partnership with Unity Technologies

Aptoide is embracing another exciting and crucial partnership, this time with Unity! With this partnership, every developer will be able to choose the AppCoins protocol for their app, and with a few clicks, get a version of the game that will immediately be available for distribution in the Aptoide App Store.

This partnership aims to ease the integration of the AppCoins Protocol for developers and makes the Aptoide’s solution for in-app purchases (IAP) available to all Unity developers.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. This engine helps developers to create 2D and 3D games, as well as other simulations. Currently, this engine is used on half of the world’s games, this goes to show the product’s adoption and its importance in the market.

The engine is very complete and straightforward to the developer, with numerous real time tools and manuals on everything that they need to know to create addictive games with the best graphics and user experience. From 2D, graphics, scripting, multiplayer, audio, animation, UI, navigation, virtual reality, augmented reality, open source repositories, and so on, the development platform allows developers to create rich and interactive experiences.

Their technology is not used exclusively by developers but also artists, designers, and other creatives. Therefore it comes to no surprise that Unity is used on big enterprises and market leaders such as Facebook, Google, Nintendo, Intel, Microsoft and Sony, establishing Unity as one of the best and most promising solutions for technology builders.

This partnership will not only benefit Aptoide App Store and its developers to easily integrate the AppCoins technology but also boost awareness of our protocol among all Unity developers.

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