AppCoins Roadmap for 2019

Long Term Objectives & Plans

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As we’re about to dive into the second semester, we are releasing the AppCoins roadmap for the rest of the year and sharing what we expect for the future when it comes to our project.

Developers and holders can expect improvements in many features, as our team is committed and working non-stop to deliver an even more efficient product. “We will always want to be our better version. At first, we were focusing on effectiveness. Now, its time for efficiency”, said Paulo Trezentos, CEO and co-founder of Aptoide.

As a result, the team is expecting the volume of transactions to keep growing — we had a growth of 75% in volume in the 1st trimester — and reach the milestone of 1,000 apps integrating with the protocol in the near future (as of now, we already have 700).

For the next couple of years, developers can also expect the advancement of a Developer’s Reputation System, new possibilities of income that are being explored from our strategy team, such as NFT (non-fungible tokens, a type of cryptocurrency that represents unique digital items), and app development crowdsourcing via Blockchain. More details on this to come by the end of the year!

When it comes to the roadmap, here’s what you can expect for the next quarters:

Q2 2019

  • Improve wallet purchase funnel
  • First local payment integration
  • Kick-off Unity UDP Integration and “apps migrator” deploy

Q3 2019

  • Improving the PoA (Rewards) funnel by decreasing friction
  • Improve automatic migration to AppCoins to reach 90% of apps
  • Roll out improved IAP and PoA to partner app stores

Q4 2019

  • Scale-up availability of Local payments
  • End implementation of all attribution methods for OEMs and Stores
  • Integrate conversion APPC–Fiat for developers and stores

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