AppCoins Raises Over 1.8 Million USD & Surpasses Pre-Sale ICO Goals

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4 min readNov 23, 2017


We are very excited to announce that AppCoins pre-sale has ended successfully! We are really glad that so many people took such an interest to the AppCoins ground-breaking idea, and joined the revolution of the app economy.

Even though the first stage of the AppCoins ICO was a whitelisted pre-sale open to eligible investors in the Aptoide community only — the backbone of AppCoins — we still managed to exceed all expectations and surpassed all pre-sale ICO goals!

With over 10K people whitelisted and 1000 backers able to purchase tokens, we here at AppCoins are excited to share that we’ve raised a total of 4663 Ethereum which at current exchange rate (Coinbase Ethereum price as of 10:00 AM UTC on 23.11.2017 is $384.41) is equivalent to $1.8M USD. This means that 19,791,636 APPC Tokens were distributed, providing AppCoins the launchpad required to revolutionize the App Store Economy.

The pre-sale results go to show that the AppCoins Protocol has received cryptomarket approval to execute our plan to make cryptocurrencies accessible to users, developers and partners alike, and continue revolutionizing the app store economy of the future.

With over 1000 backers able to purchase tokens, over 8000 additional people registered and attempted to buy tokens but, unfortunately, were too late to participate.

We’ve received many contributions from people all over the world. Our chats have grown in size, our social media channels have grown in numbers and our engagement has reached it’s peak!

More Info on AppCoins Main Sale ICO

The $1.8 Million in initial pre ICO funding will allow the team to secure a realistic roadmap for technical development, strategic partnerships, and further marketing initiatives, building up to the main sale ICO taking place very soon.

In the meantime, you can join our bounty program, so that you can start earning AppCoin tokens, before the main sale starts. This program will give our community the opportunity to have a steak in the AppCoin token. Anyone is welcome to join our bounty program which rewards social actions such as liking, sharing and commenting. Read all the rules carefully and get your stakes early on. These tokens will be received on the token generation event, which will happen after the AppCoins ICO crowdsale.

AppCoins Pre-Sale & ICO Tokens

Initial supply: 450,000,000 tokens

Sale supply: 180,000,000 tokens

Nominal price: 1 APC = 0.10 USD

Soft cap: $2.5M USD

Hard cap: $15.3M USD

The funds collected during our pre-sale will be untouched until we reach the soft cap of $2.5 Million USD to develop and implement the world’s first blockchain-based cryptocurrency to be used by users, developers and partners alike to enable a transition towards a circular economy where the value that was previously drained by intermediaries, stays in the system. The ERC20 compatible tokens are created over the Ethereum protocol, and can be used as a means of payment on app stores that adopt the protocol.

The ICO is the first step for the AppCoins platform launch. It will provide the necessary funds for the initial implementation and promotion of the platform and to its first release in 12 months.

The AppCoin token will give developers more revenue, all the while allowing device manufacturers to benefit from the app economy for the first time. In addition, users will be rewarded through proof-of-attention, making this a circular economy that can be win-win for everyone involved.

Being a optimal growth token by design, the demand for APPC tokens will increase with time, which combined with its network effects should lead to appreciation in its market value.

During the crowdsale process there will be an allocation of a part of the total amount of AppCoin tokens. The remaining will be used later on to leverage the bootstrap phase of the AppCoins platform by rewarding users, developers and OEMs; to create the App Store Foundation; to reward key contributors to the ICO and the platform; and Aptoide for the initial support and contribution.

We’ll continue analyzing the results of our Pre-Sale, and will share more updates with you in the days to come. We will be creating maps to display geographic information about the APPC token holders, and how they are distributed around the world.

Please stay tuned for further updates and thank you for being with us! The best is yet to come.

How Can the Blockchain Disrupt the App Store Business?

With AppCoins, users can earn tokens through engaging with app advertising and then spend this currency on in-app purchases (such as game items).

Customers who lack access to traditional payment methods today, will gain a chance to buy items that were previously inaccessible. In addition, a blockchain ledger will record all developers’ reputation, increasing the reliability of apps in the marketplace.

AppCoins’ potential extends beyond the Aptoide platform, as the tokens will be made compatible for all app stores. With that in mind, an App Store Foundation will be created to coordinate the development of the protocol and reference implementation under an open governance model.

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