AppCoins Raises Over 1.8 Million USD & Surpasses Pre-Sale ICO Goals

The pre-sale results go to show that the AppCoins Protocol has received cryptomarket approval to execute our plan to make cryptocurrencies accessible to users, developers and partners alike, and continue revolutionizing the app store economy of the future.

More Info on AppCoins Main Sale ICO

AppCoins Pre-Sale & ICO Tokens

The ICO is the first step for the AppCoins platform launch. It will provide the necessary funds for the initial implementation and promotion of the platform and to its first release in 12 months.

During the crowdsale process there will be an allocation of a part of the total amount of AppCoin tokens. The remaining will be used later on to leverage the bootstrap phase of the AppCoins platform by rewarding users, developers and OEMs; to create the App Store Foundation; to reward key contributors to the ICO and the platform; and Aptoide for the initial support and contribution.

How Can the Blockchain Disrupt the App Store Business?



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AppCoins Official

AppCoins Official


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