AppCoins: Mobile World Congress and Early Adopters Agreement

Come visit the AppCoins team at the Mobile World Congress! MWC is the biggest event in the mobile industry, with more than 100K attendees and 2.300 exhibitors, gathering all sorts of mobile ecosystem players in the same compound. As a regular attendee, Aptoide will be part of the event to present its new project: AppCoins. During the event, the AppCoins team will not only work on boosting awareness regarding the AppCoins protocol but will also, officially launch the bootstrap strategy targeted at Developers, OEMs and App Stores.

Over 3 million APPC will be distributed to the Developers, OEMs and App Stores as one of the incentives for those partners who choose to become an early adopter of the AppCoins token protocol. Those that decide to embrace the protocol at an early development stage, will receive key incentives including the possibility to receive a larger portion of AppCoins that have been designated to the bootstrap agreement. Two different strategies were outlined for key players in the mobile ecosystem, one for App Stores/OEMs and another for Developers. For the OEMs and App Stores, the agreement will follow the detailed structure presented below.

Early Adopters Agreement — Distribution for OEMs and App Stores

For App Stores and OEMs, the main benefits for the adoption of AppCoins are the monetization of users through revenue share included in the smart contracts, avoidance of mobile ad fraud, standardized quality assurance system, increased app safety and decentralized app distribution and app discovery. The App Stores will receive 10% of the revenue for distributing the APK and for being the oracle of the smart contracts. OEMs who distribute the solution in their devices will receive 5% for the role of pre-loading the app stores and bringing their user base to the system.

When it comes to the Developers, the biggest benefit is without doubt integration of one Apk (app) for multiple stores. Despite sharing common benefits with the App Stores and OEMs, some other advantages are transparent advertisement and payments with low intermediation, higher monetization through in-app purchases (since users with no funds or without access to payment methods will now be able to make in-app purchases), and the fact that AppCoins creates a circular ecosystem (what users earn, will be reinvested into the ecosystem). For the Developers, the agreement will follow the detailed structure presented below.

Early Adopters Agreement — Distribution for Developers

The Early Adopters Agreement will be presented at MWC for the first time in the AppCoins booth. At the event, Developers, App Stores and OEMs can collect one of the brochures that gathers all the details of the bootstrap strategy and even sight the Early Adopter Agreement. Besides being able to meet with the team and learning more about the AppCoins Project, attendees will also have the opportunity to collect branded merchandise and participate in a game demo to earn AppCoins.

If you are attending the event don’t miss out on the chance to stop by our booth and engage with the AppCoins team! If not, stay tuned for the upcoming MWC updates on our social channels.

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