ANU #87 — New Home Screen and Intellectual Property Rights Panel

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4 min readMay 5, 2021

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week we’re focusing on a new home screen update, recent changes to the blockchain transfer flow, and an upcoming webinar we’ve been invited to. Read on to find out more!

The New Home Screen is Ready!

Our new Wallet Home Screen is ready to be integrated with the new bottom navigation screen! When looking at the current screen on your phone, tablet, or emulator, you will find that the structure is considerably different. We took this opportunity to update the way we build our screens and improve some architecture components of our app.

We focused a lot on the smoothness of the views, transitions, and interactions with the screen, and it looks amazing! — if we may say so ourselves. Of course, there is always room for improvements, but we are working on them, and soon you’ll be able to check all of them and more on a new version!

The changes done on the AppCoins Wallet architecture will also help us prepare for the new bottom navigation we talked about in our last ANU. The screenshot you see below is the real deal on how the developments are now, as you can confirm by checking that the “Send” and “Receive” buttons are duplicated.

Everything will look smoother and better with the new bottom navigation. Stay tuned to get the latest details as soon as they’re ready!

Blockchain Transfer Flow Improved

Our Support Team has been receiving some feedback from our community regarding how we actually provide information on the transfer of blockchain tokens.

We are finally ready to launch an improved version of the last step to transfer ETH or APPC.

The final screen now informs the user about the transaction’s real status and where the user can track its status update. This way, we allow the user to follow that information without much effort.

This will soon be available on our next release.

As always, you’re invited to follow our work regarding all of the products we’re working on:

Published artifacts:

At the time of writing, the current market cap is close to $53,853,962 USD, with $1,448,743 USD in volume in the last 24 hours across these exchanges: Binance (95.65%), Huobi (3.66%), and HitBTC (0.69%).

Since the last ANU, APPC value has witnessed a high of $0.283 USD on April 22nd, and a low of $0.183 USD on April 25th. You can see more info about APPC markets at Coinmarketcap.

Name: Miguel Ramos

Role: Product Owner

Bio: Born and raised in Lisbon, Miguel’s childhood was mostly spent in Lagos. With a background in management and finance and a love for entrepreneurship and technology, Miguel’s path towards becoming AppCoins’ Product Owner was just meant to be. He loves to brainstorm new ideas on how to improve products, processes, and business, so much so that this is also his personal hobby. In his free time, he spends time with his dog, watches Netflix, and travels.

Intellectual Property Rights and Business Internationalization in SEA

Tomorrow, May 6th, Tiago Alves — VP of Asia of Aptoide - will participate in a webinar on — “How businesses can protect their value while expanding globally”. Join him in the training session, to hear his thoughts on the matter at 10 am CET.

Sign up for the webinar here.



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