ANU #86 — New Wallet Layout and Subscriptions Update

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4 min readApr 21, 2021

Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week we’re focusing on a new wallet layout and subscriptions update, as well as e-vouchers improvements.

AppCoins Wallet Layout Update

We showed you a minor UI update on our last ANU that our design team proposed for our new Home Screen.

That minor update was mostly focused on the notifications positioning, so it could have the relevance it deserves. But that update had much more to it than just a small UI restructure; in fact, we’re working on a new Home Screen and navigation of the AppCoins Wallet.

We’re already building the new home screen in combination with the notification updates. We’ll be including the options to send and receive as part of the top section of the screen, as well as changing our bottom navigation and updating the Top Up button location.

We will update you more on this in our next ANU. Stay tuned!

Subscriptions Update

Two weeks ago, we mentioned the subscription tests we were working on in the production environment, showing very good results. Unfortunately, we had a slight setback with the application that we were working on, and we had to start from scratch with another. The good news is that we already have a new application that is now in process of having the subscription integrated.

E-voucher Improvements

After the team developed the first layout, we followed with the tests for the e-vouchers. From those tests that focus on possible bugs and do a check-up to the user experience, our design team had some improvement to work on in the promotions screen and e-voucher details. The main reason for this update is the missing information regarding the price of the voucher and the number of available vouchers.

Users must be aware of how many there are available to make sure they don’t lose the last available vouchers. Take a look and spot the differences since the last time we showed you this screen.

As always, you’re invited to follow our work regarding all of the products we’re working on:

Published artifacts:

At the time of writing, the current market cap is close to $53,235,973 USD, with $1,730,388 USD in volume in the last 24 hours across these exchanges: Binance (92.94%), Huobi (6.66%), and HitBTC (0.4%).

Since the last ANU, APPC value has witnessed a high of $0.348 USD on April 11th, and a low of $0.144 USD on April 7th. You can see more info about APPC markets at Coinmarketcap.

Name: Inês Bastos

Role: HR Specialist

Bio: Inês has a degree in sociology and is currently finishing her master’s degree in human resources. Before joining Aptoide, she started her professional experience by doing internships at Kelly Services, Unilever, and EDP. In her spare time, Inês enjoys painting, photography, and watching criminal documentaries.

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