ANU#46 — AppCoins Wallet Release and Unity Integration Support

AppCoins News Update, or ANU for short, is a regular bi-weekly update by the AppCoins team. As usual, we are going to cover dev updates, market reports and team members. This week, we’ve focused on an AppCoins Wallet release, Unity integration support and changes in Proof-of-Attention (PoA) campaigns.

This week, the AppCoins team has worked on three different features:

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on the AppCoins Referral Program, which allows users to earn AppCoins Credits by inviting their friends to join the AppCoins ecosystem.

In the last ANU, we announced our closed beta that featured the AppCoins Referral Program. Now we are happy to announce that we finally released the final version!

Follow the steps described here to start earning AppCoins Credits!

Our Unity partnership is very important to us, as it allows Unity developers to integrate AppCoins solutions to their apps — without any effort. We’ve been working together with Unity to bring the most recent features of the AppCoins ecosystem to their integration. This is an ongoing project that we continue to work on.

If you’re familiar with the AppCoins ecosystem, you’ve probably already heard about our Proof-of-Attention (PoA) campaign; which entails giving an app two minutes of attention in exchange for a reward. This is how developers can acquire users using AppCoins. For developers to make the most out of this feature, we will limit the number of times per day that a user can benefit from PoA.

In the future, each user will only be allowed to benefit from PoA three times a day. With this limitation, we believe users will think more about what are the apps they want to try out instead of just installing them all. This is good news for developers as it means that the users they’re paying for will now choose their app based on their likes and interests.

Following last month’s protocol KPIs performance, on this ANU we have collected the values from September, regarding both flows using AppCoins, IAP and User Acquisition, the number of apps downloaded with the integration of AppCoins, as well as indicators from the SDK, as the table shows below.

As always, you’re invited to follow our work regarding all of the products we’re working on:

Published artifacts:

At the time of writing, the current market cap is close to $3.96 M USD, with $213.092 USD in volume in the last 24 hours across these exchanges: Binance (92,93%), HitBTC (0,07%) and Huobi (7%).

Since the last ANU, APPC value has witnessed a high of $0.043 USD on October 5th, and a low of $0.027 USD on Sep 26th. You can see more info about APPC markets at Coinmarketcap.

Name: Liliana Ramos
Role: Business Development
Bio: Liliana has been working in the Catappult team since May this year. Her role is to reach top grossing developers and introduce them to the many benefits of distributing with the Catappult console. Her tasks also include spreading the word about the project, arranging calls and preparing meetings with developers.

Last month, our VP of Strategy and Monetization, Pedro Almeida, attended Unity’s Unite Copenhagen 2019 event. He was on the ‘Best practices for distributing your mobile game’ panel discussing the benefits of publishing and distributing with Catappult. Pedro also had the chance to network with developers from all over the world at the UDP booth.

Earlier this month, Pedro Almeida went to Pocket Gamer Connectsevent in Helsinki; capital of a country known for its top gaming publishers. Almeida had scheduled meetings with developers and gaming companies, and also networked with some of the biggest names in the industry — sharing word about our ever-growing and evolving projects; the AppCoins Protocol and the Catappult Console.

Did you attend either event? Tell us your favourite highlight of the conferences in the comments below!

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