ANU #109 — Backup 3.0

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2 min readMar 9, 2022


Welcome to the AppCoins News Update, ‘ANU’ for short. This week we’re focusing on the new backup. Keep reading to find out more!

As you may know, we are constantly improving our app. In the near future, we are going to release an update on the Backup feature: Backup 3.0.

Backup is extremely important, this is the only way for users to guarantee that they will always have access to their digital wallet. We don’t store your private keys, so you should keep your wallet backup (keystore) safe.

Additional security is still available. This means that you can set up a password that will encrypt your keystore file.

Now, you can also send your keystore by email. We believe that this is an easy way for you to have your wallet backup file on another device besides your phone. Of course, the store on your device is still available.

We hope that you enjoy this improvement, which was done based on users’ feedback.

As always, you’re invited to follow our work regarding all of the products we’re working on:

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Name: Mariana Vidal

Role: Human Resources Specialist

Bio: Mariana Vidal recently joined AppCoins as a Human Resources Specialist. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology. She’s passionate about people development, loves to travel and practice sports: padel, golf and surfing.

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