An update on APPC: Starting 2018 with good news!

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A message from Paulo Trezentos, AppCoins CEO

The year of 2017 had been a great year for AppCoins: the publishing of the white paper, the building of a strong community in Telegram and Bitcointalk, and the successful ICO reaching the hard cap 3 weeks before the ending date.

2018 will be even better for AppCoins! I would like to share with you some updates and short term goals:

1. Token release

The token will be released on Friday, Jan 5, at 4:00pm UTC.

This means that starting on that date, you can transfer between wallets.

2. Exchange listing

We are happy to announce great news: an agreement with a top exchange has been reached and AppCoins team is working with them to list right after the token release (same day).

Negotiations with other exchanges are being held to extend the reach of APPC token to more investors. We’ll keep you updated.

3. Updates on the AppCoins roadmap and achievements

We’re setting up the process to bring an update to the community every two weeks, in what we call “ANU— AppCoins News Update”.

That update will include the technical status, as well as partnerships and other informations, which will also be included in the AppCoins Newsletter.

For us, transparency and communication is a major value.

4. Funds diversification

To mitigate the risk of Ethereum price fluctuation, 50% to 70% of the the amount raised in the ICO will be converted to fiat currency.

The rest will be kept in crypto in the ICO wallets.

5. Scalability developments

In the implementation of in-app purchases and advertising in App Stores, scalability is a major issue.

The AppCoins technical team is working on two different paths: Casper test net and µRaiden.

After the release of an Alpha Casper Testnet, the AppCoins team is deploying a node and start tests. The performance is expected to be poor, but the purpose is to see how the implemented proof-of-stake can have impact in AppCoins use cases.

In parallel, after meeting with the Raiden team in DevCon3, we are implementing a µRaiden proof-of-concept with the in-app purchases use case during this month of January. Both teams are in contact and we expect to publish a medium post and a video with the summary of this effort early .

You can follow these developments in AppCoins GitHub.

In the name of AppCoins team, I wish you a great 2018.

Paulo Trezentos

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