Alpha 2 Version of the ASF Wallet is here!

As promised, the alpha 2 version of the ASF Wallet has been released today! Together with the alpha 2 version of the ASF SDK, the In-App Purchases flows (IAP) of the AppCoins protocol are implemented and can already be tested by anyone. In addition, we’ve released an example of an app integrating the ASF SDK to showcase the IAP functionality.

ASF Wallet (Alpha 2)

The alpha 2 version of the ASF Wallet already includes the functionality that enables users to pay for in-app items. With this, users playing a game or using an app that integrates the ASF SDK can seamlessly buy in-app items using APPC tokens without having to leave the game / app.

With this, anyone can use the ASF Wallet as a normal Ethereum wallet, which comprises the functionalities of creating / importing / exporting accounts and send / receive transactions of ERC20 tokens, amongst others, as well as use it to start taking part in this new ecosystem that the AppCoins protocol envisions.

The ASF Wallet was published in Google Play and Aptoide. Feel free to follow our work in the wallet by checking our Github repo.

ASF SDK (alpha 2)

This alpha 1 version of the ASF SDK encapsulates the logic needed to use the AppCoins protocol regarding the In-App Purchase (IAP) flows. By integrating the SDK in their apps, developers can take advantage of the AppCoins protocol and the ecosystem it creates composed by users, app stores, OEMs and other developers, to monetise their apps.

A developer just needs to define the SKUs included in the app and the Ethereum address that should receive payments coming from IAP flows. After this, the logic of calling the ASF Wallet to process a payment of an in-app item is very simple to use, as well as getting back the outcome of the payment.

The SDK is released in the related Github repo. Feel free to check it out and follow the next development.

Trivial Drive

We’ve released a version of the Trivial Drive game with the ASF SDK integrated. This serves to show the alpha version of the IAP flows of the AppCoins protocol and to see how simple it is to pay for in-app items using APPC and the ASF Wallet (or any other AppCoins-compliant wallet in the future).

We challenge you to test our version of the Trivial Drive with the ASF Wallet by following the steps in the end of this page.

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